Top 5 favorite places in Nepal for Family Holidays.


Be there once in a life

Nepal is culturally and naturally rich country. The beauty of Nepal is beyond measures or comparable to any nations. Despite be territorially small, Nepal at large has mesmerizing places, cultures, lake, temples, Himalayas and much others. Hence, there are many places to visit in Nepal.
However, we have shortened our list putting it in the category of top 5 favorite places in Nepal for a family.


Nagarkot lies 32 km towards the east of Kathmandu. The region is scenic hilltop and has an altitude of 2100m. The high hill has several appealing places and scene to offer for the visitor. Foremost, Nagarkot is a well-recognized destination for sunrise and sunset view. The scenic views of the Himalayas ranging from Dhaulagiri in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east and including Mt. Everest are equal attractions of Nagarkot height. Travelers can have a splendid view of Kathmandu valley from the Nagarkot.

Namo Buddha

Namo Buddha, 40 km southeast of Kathmandu, is known to be an ideal destination for short day treks. The Namo Buddha hike is suitable for families with children. The region offers trekking around the beautiful village of Panauti. The place contains beautifully maintained Buddhist monastery and spectacular mountain scenes. The region is very calm and unspoiled and has a clean environment.


Beautiful Pokhara city has a natural setting. It is a peaceful valley. Most trekker complements Pokhara city as one the world best city. Mesmerizing sunrise and sunset, close range view of gigantic Himalayas and astonishing reflections of the Himalayas on few lake are the some few adorable sight of Pokhara city. Pokhara as well offers adventurous activities like Boating, Zip Flyer, and Paragliding. It is the perfect destination for a Family tour.


Lumbini is well known for Gautam Buddha birth place and it’s other religious attributes. The great pillar built by King Ashoka, Maya Devi temple is worth consideration sites of the Lumbini region. People around the world often visit Lumbini to adore its importance’s and acknowledge the value of the sites and another shrine.


Chitwan National Park is enlisted world heritage site and is the perfect destination for a family tour. Elephant safari, jeep safari, canoeing are highly preferable and adorable activities during Chitwan visit. Tharu culture is another important part of Chitwan visit.
The national park holds endangered species like single-horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal tiger and other animals such as leopard, sloth bear, monkey, wild boar, langur monkey, small wild cats and much other. Around 450 species of birds are available in Chitwan National Park.

Nepal is naturally, culturally and historically blessed and divine nations. Nepal has world best cities and regions that are suitable for traveling and touring. Above mentioned 5 areas is the most popular destination among international and national tourists.

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